Been Tagged?

Have you been Tagged?

Like the rest of us, Diesel Pride owner Jay and his associates love seeing awesome diesel trucks. When they find one, they “tag” the truck or owner with one of these cards. The “Crusher” card is for diesel pickups, while the “Diesel Bob” card is for semi trucks.

When someones truck has been “tagged”, they can take a picture of themselves with the card, in front of their diesel truck and post it on the Official Diesel Pride Facebook page. And for posting the truck for us all to see, Jay will message that person a special code for discounts on Diesel Pride gear! Awesome, right?

Take a picture, post it on Diesel Pride’s Facebook page, get a code. Easy as that! So if you’re out on the town and you see one of these cards, you have been tagged!! …We can’t wait to see your diesel!!!!