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Our First Youth Tee

We are excited to introduce our latest design and first youth size tee – The Bear Ford F-250 Beast. Proudly named after Jay’s own father, the Bear is a tribute to the man that was a Vietnam Veteran and retired police officer of 27 years. Get it now for only $15, Purchase Here.

New Design: Sorry Man

Sorry Man If you drive a diesel, it’s happened to you. 10 lanes at the fuel station and only two diesel pumps. And where does “Richard Cranium” want to fill up his little gasser? You guessed it! We shouldn’t be mad at them because they are ignorant of the fact that you can ONLY fuel…
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New Design: The Placard

The Placard Ah.. It’s a simple and useful device. The placard lets us all know the contents of the cargo. Is it hazardous materials or corrosive contents? We carry all types of things in our diesels during our daily life. We transport the family to the baseball game or the boat to the lake. We…
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New Design: And I Drive A Diesel

I work with my hands, I hunt for my family, and I drive a diesel This design is for the working man or woman that does it all. Those individuals that take pride in putting food on the table and aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty doing it. If it’s broke, it gets fixed.…
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New Design: Eights and Eights

Eights and Eights This design was inspired by the ladies who hold rubber to the road or taking care of the family back home. You have a tough job ladies but, that doesn’t mean you can’t look cute while doing it! Eights and Eights means “Hugs and Kisses”. And let me add, a trucker’s wife…
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New Design: Diesel Diva

Diesel Diva You are a Diesel Diva and you know it!!! Now let everyone else know it too! Whether you just love the trucks or you are a badass honey that knows as much about diesels as they do. This garment is for you…the Diesel Diva! Design by Daley Graphics.