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Join Us at the Tower Tree Truck Classic – Sept 15th & 16th, 2017

We’re looking for your support with helping the Greensburg, IN folks with their Tower Tree Truck Classic. This show is for big rigs and diesel pickups. These good country folks are doing this to raise money for several different charities. If you’re not doing anything we would love to see you at the show this…
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That Was An Honor and A Privilege – See You Next Show!

What an amazing Truck Show and Benefit! I was honored to be a part of raising awareness of veteran suicide. Twenty-two veterans commit suicide each day. They save us, we need to save them! Lucky 13 Truck Show and Benefit: Raising awareness to veteran suicide The 2017 Benefit and Show, “Lucky 13” was held in…
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Our Diesel Pride Shirts Are Officially “On Sale Now”

We are excited to announce that we are officially selling our Diesel Pride gear! We are so proud of our shirts and the amazing designs created by Daley Graphics! This is our first run of prints and features some of our signature designs like “Waiting on Dispatch” and “Flatbed Forever.”

Can’t Wait to See Everyone at Our First Show

We are thrilled to announce we will be attending out first show August 19th & 20th at the Porter County Fairgrounds in Valparaiso, IN. The event is hosted by Chi-Town Large Cars to raise awareness for veteran’s suicides. This show and benefit will feature Kenny Joseph the Founder of Patriot Project. They save us, who…
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New Design: The Placard

The Placard Ah.. It’s a simple and useful device. The placard lets us all know the contents of the cargo. Is it hazardous materials or corrosive contents? We carry all types of things in our diesels during our daily life. We transport the family to the baseball game or the boat to the lake. We…
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New Design: And I Drive A Diesel

I work with my hands, I hunt for my family, and I drive a diesel This design is for the working man or woman that does it all. Those individuals that take pride in putting food on the table and aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty doing it. If it’s broke, it gets fixed.…
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New Design: Eights and Eights

Eights and Eights This design was inspired by the ladies who hold rubber to the road or taking care of the family back home. You have a tough job ladies but, that doesn’t mean you can’t look cute while doing it! Eights and Eights means “Hugs and Kisses”. And let me add, a trucker’s wife…
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New Design: Diesel Diva

Diesel Diva You are a Diesel Diva and you know it!!! Now let everyone else know it too! Whether you just love the trucks or you are a badass honey that knows as much about diesels as they do. This garment is for you…the Diesel Diva! Design by Daley Graphics.